Have you ever known someone who needed help beyond what you alone could provide?

Have you ever felt helpless in your efforts to assist a family in need?

Would you like to be the difference in someone's life?

As an individual, there is not much that you or I can do to financially assist anyone in such a
way that it will truly alleviate their burden. Many of us have families and other expenses that
does not leave much in the way of extra at the end of the month. Collectively we can change
the world, at least the world of the recipient.

How does one change the world? Practice random acts of kindness every day.

The “CuppaDay” started as a one-time event asking our friends, acquaintances and business
associates from all over the world, to assist a family in need of financial assistance to travel
for medical tests. The outpouring of love and compassion was simply incredible and this
great family was able to complete this trip, much in part to you all. All that was asked was to
give up one cup of coffee (apx. $2.00) and send this in an envelope directly to this family.
Some folks sent $2.00, some $5.00, others $10.00 and more. In addition to this, some
organizations and individuals wanted to donate online and also asked if this donation could
be tax deductible. In establishing the CuppaDay as a mission of the Stable Coffeehouse
www.stablecoffeehouse.com), a ministry of Matthews Memorial Church
www.matthewsmemorial.org), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we were able to do just
that. We have also established a non-profit, charitable organization account with PayPal.

We will accept, review and pray over nominations for whom to send the funds to. 100% of the
funds collected will go to the selected person(s) in need. It could be $20.00 or it could be
$2,000.00 but ask yourself this; If you were in a tough spot, a hopeless situation and
someone, friends or complete strangers were to help you out, would that have an effect on
your life?

So moving forward, we are going to ask everyone to reach out to their network of friends and
family and give up that one cup of coffee/chai/tea/power drink to one common account that is
non-profit and tax deductible that will go to someone in need. They will not be aware of this
until they receive the check and a letter from all of you wishing them the best and telling them
about the joys of giving. Very similar to the concept of “pay it forward”.

The recipient will be different each time and we will need your help to advise of those in
need. There is no risk. No commitment or obligation. There is no minimum or maximum
donation. You will be able to attach your personal messages or prayers to the letter we send
with the check. Will you join us?

Let's be that difference!

Kurt Stahl – Co-Founder & Host
The Stable Coffeehouse
CuppaDay Mission
Serving up Hope, one cup at a time
or mail your donation to:

The Stable Coffeehouse
c/o Matthews Memorial
128 Gorham Street
Chelmsford, MA 01824

Please note: Cuppa Day
We have been called upon again to help someone in need and would
encourage and be thankful for whatever help you might give.  

Our next recipient of assistance is a young lady, just 28 years old. Lisa
Basler was diagnosed just two years ago with Stage IV Angiosarcoma, a rare
and aggressive form of cancer. She has had numerous treatments and she is
one of the most optimistic and tenacious person I have had the pleasure of
meeting. She is one of those "To know her is to love her". Unfortunately
when she was diagnosed, she was at the age of where she just dropped off
her parents insurance and has had to endure so much with little or no
financial assistance. The most recent battle is with her insurance to restore
what she gave up through a double masectomy. To date, she has lost a
kidney, had a historectomy and again, the double masectomy. On top of that,
she relies heavily on clinical trials which cost at least $1,000 each and then
chemotherapy as well. Not to mention, due to her weakened nervous system,
she is unable to work. We are hosting a fundraising event at the Stable on
February 22nd, 2014 and encourage those who are able to give, please do so.

     We ask that you place Lisa in your prayers, as those are what are needed
most. It is our mission, collectively, to help Lisa through this difficult journey
and beat the odds. The donation buttons on this page will take you to our
PayPal site where you can help. All donations will be collected and 100% of
which will be given to this Lisa. It is our hope and prayer that you will join us
in helping those in need.
Updated January 24, 2013
Download a flyer here
What is the Cuppaday Mission?
Saturday, February 22nd, 2014
5:00PM until 10:00PM
The Stable Coffeehouse
at Matthews Memorial Church
128 Gorham Street (Route 3A)
Chelmsford, MA 01824